Pen Pals

TV Writer Paul Guyot talks about how important it is for writers to have other writers as friends.

The intangible. See, I can talk to my wife about story, and she
reads everything I write, but even though she actually worked with
writers for a living, understands story and structure, gives very good,
precise notes, there is still something altogether different when it’s
a writer talking with another writer. There’s some nebulous thing
that’s shared.

My advice to any "aspiring" writers, be it screen or prose, is to find yourself a writer buddy.

Just don’t date another writer. I’ve made that mistake.

8 thoughts on “Pen Pals”

  1. Of course, the thing about having friends that are writers is getting away with inside jokes in your writing.
    ‘Bruce’ and his ‘oysters’, for example.
    I know: You don’t get it. But my writing friends do. And I buy ’em by the pound.

  2. Agreed. Not only will they let you know when your writing sucks and where it sucks, they can often help with the suckage, so it sucketh less. They’re there when the rejections come in, with you to celebrate victories, large and small.
    They’ll also drink with you.

  3. Yes, I dated a writer too! But that turned out to be a good thing, as we have such a shorthand and an understanding about the process. That’s what I love about all these blogs, particularly for the aspiring writer, it’s an entire universe to go to of like minded people, and all the victories, suffering and absurdities that go on in this profession are on the public stage and every question can be answered. It’s why I’ve started my own as well,, just to throw my hat into the ring and throw out the gems I’ve learned along the way to anyone who wants to pick them up!


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