Pot Pie Heaven

If you love chicken pot pie, as I do, I heartily recommend Claimjumpers, a chain of steak places. they make an incredible chicken pot pie and goes for a mere $10. It must be comfort food for me…because lately I have been dreaming of pot pies…

UPDATE: Several folks emailed me… saying I had to try Marie Callender’s pot pie. So I went there for lunch. It’s no contest, friends… Claimjumpers is much better. For one thing, it’s a PIE. Crust all around, not just on the top. Flaky and delicious. Oh God, I want one NOW.

UPDATE – I just discovered that Claimjumpers is selling their pot-pies in the frozen food section of my local Ralphs. While the frozen pies aren’t as good what you find in the restaurant (duhhhhhh), they are still too damn good… I’ve had three already this week.

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