Proudly Displayed

The first MWA board meeting of 2008 was a significant one — the board unanimously approved revisions to the membership criteria and Edgar submission rules that clarify the current language and close some loopholes that have come to light in the last year (for instance, the rules now explicitly apply to “book packagers” ). We also clarified the Edgar eligibilty of foriegn-published books. I’ll post the details when I get home tomorrow and have access to a computer again.. After the meeting, we went to steak dinner at Bobby Van’s. The restaurant won the American Academy of Hospital Services’ International Star Diamond Award in 2006 and an award from Wine Spectator for best wine selection in 2003. I know that Bobby is very honored by the awards because the certificates are proudly displayed above the urinals in the Men’s Room. Afterwards we went to the bar at the Algonquin and toasted the roundtable…and then I returned to the hotel to worry about the writing I’m not doing because of my damn dell.
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  1. I love my Mac. Any model. But I use Windows machines, too, depending on where I’m working. It’s good to be multiplatform proficient. What I would like someday is a big screen on the wall and a keyboard on the couch. I wonder if any writers use a set up like that??


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