Publish America Arbitration?

If you’ve  been suckered by Publish America (ie that would be anyone and everyone who has signed contracts with them), you might be interested in this tidbit that was posted on Backspace and emailed to me from a friend:

Predators & Editors is seeking PA writers who wish to face PA in arbitration. A fund has been organized to make this possible, but writers must have documentation as we can only select cases where success is likely. Contact me, Dave Kuzminksi, at if you wish to be considered.

I don’t know Kuzminksi, so I can’t vouch for the legitimacy of the arbitration. But I thought I’d pass it along anyway

4 thoughts on “Publish America Arbitration?”

  1. Dave is a good guy. He’s been, along with others at Preditors and Editors and, fighting for authors’ rights for quite some time.
    You’ll run into his site being mentioned on Miss Snark’s blog and elsewhere.
    This fund is legit and its purpose is to help authors.

  2. Hey
    publishamerica has offered to publish me, and until readying your articles had every intention of doing so, but now i am in doubt. I was a bit perplexed by their cookie cutter emails and lack of comments on the actual writing, as well as i have yet to speak to a human being….
    So tell me more im on the fence
    thank you aleady,

  3. i have the PA contract and every email they have sent me from start to finish. My book “And the trucks quit running” has been edited by my wife Linda and promoted soley by me. PA has done nothing and I just recieved my first royaltiy check…I happen to know of over 100 books sold people I do bussiness with in the trucking industry and books I bought through PA special stating I get royalitys as well..My royalitys check was for $5.00 seems they missed a few book sales and the statement has NO break Down on information of the sales etc.

  4. I wish I had found this before signing a contract with PA. It seems as if I have been taken by PA. They never sent out the press releases that they promise to send.


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