PublishAmerica is too much fun

I just love writing about the PublishAmerica scam, especially now that the swindle’s president,Larry Clopper, has decided to start talking to reporters.  The latest news,  as reported by the Associated Press, is that one of the company’s disgruntled authors decided to test Clopper’s claim that they are a "traditional publisher" that is selective about the books they "acquire" (for the astonishing advance of $1).

Clopper said PublishAmerica is selective — only 30 percent of
submitted manuscripts make it to print. Some authors believe otherwise.

Dee Power, unhappy with how PublishAmerica had handled her novel,
"Overtime," submitted a "new" book that consisted of the first 50 pages
of "Overtime" and the last 10 pages, repeated over and over. The
manuscript was accepted. (Power declined to have it published).
PublishAmerica also accepted a novel by Kevin Yarbrough, even though
the first 30 pages were repeated six times. (Yarbrough revealed his
trick on an Internet site.)

Clopper said those "flaws" would have been discovered before
publication, but acknowledged the works had initially been accepted.
"People make mistakes," he said. "When somebody views a manuscript,
they may not read the whole thing line by line."

While I sympathize with the authors who were ripped off by PublishAmerica,  I’m stunned anybody who visited their website, and read the terms of the contract, could have fallen for their scam. It’s not like Cloppers and Co. went to much effort to hide the true nature of their enterprise, a vanity press making a laughably half-assed attempt to masquerade as a traditioanl publishing company.  But aspiring authors, naturally frustrated by their inability to sell their books, are too blinded by their desperation to read the small print… or to recognize the obvious. It makes them easy prey for swindles like PublishAmerica, WritersUniverse, and their ilk…

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  1. I got an email from a guy the other day requesting that I review his book. I looked it up and saw that it was published by Publish America. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was just pissing away his time to go along with his money. It’s sad the way these companies prey on the gullible and desperate writer.

  2. I am so glad that I got a chance to read this before I signed away the rights to my book. I am a new to the world of have my work published and I don’t want to be taken advantage of. If any one could tell me about a real publisher that would be great!

  3. I signed with P.A. even knowing all the “hype” that’s on the internet – I’m not sorry that I did because I would have to sell my work (of poetry) no matter who I went with. The other choice is to pay big bucks up front so what’s the big deal? I am in the early stages of getting the book out to the public. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, but I doubt it. At least this way I can afford it.

  4. I have published two books with Publish America. I cannot set up a website because I have IE 8, I can’t access the post card to the second book, so I can’t send out my own notices, and I can seem to get any answers from the support people. Others that have tried, cannot write a review on the site.
    I was hoping for a chance without having to pay for the publishing. I am on my sixth book and this is two different series. It’s hard to get anyone to read you work when you try to put it out to find an agent or to get a publisher to look at it. If you don’t have something already published, they won’t look at you.
    So, what do we do? Those of us who are not rich and really love to write–what do we do?

  5. I am on my third book with PublishAmerica. I am not uninformed. I was a journalist 31 years, an award winner in state, national and international competitions. I edited all my books and any mistakes in them are my fault. I have had no problem with the publisher. I have self promoted my own books and made money with them. I really think most of the people who complain about PublishAmerica are not real writers in the first place. PublishAmerica has never asked me for money, except when I call to buy my own books. i do think they are priced too high but I have dealt with it and do sell them. As far as I am concerned they have done me a big favor. I am a good writer but I am not young (65). An author my age isn’t a good bet for a traditional publisher. PublishAmerica gave me the chance and it has worked for me.

  6. My Children’s Picture Book was published by Publish America in April 2009. I know of AT LEAST 45 books which were sold…by July 31 (the “cut off” date). However, they said that only 16 were sold prior to August 1st, so I would only be paid for the 16. And I would not receive THAT until February of 2010, when it would “roll over” to the next pay period. I have to make at least $49.00 per pay period, or the amount would keep “rolling over” until I sold that amount. I requested my statement at least 6 times. They said that the statements were sent out at the end of August. I FINALLY received my statement on 11/19/09, and the total was incorrect. They added $5.99 and $18.17 and came up with $16.47!! Do you BELIEVE IT?!! In any case, I refused to sign their SECOND contract because I am complete APPALLED at their lack of integrity. Yes, this company is a COMPLETE SCAM and I totally regret signing with them in the first place!

  7. I have 2 illustrated children’s books with publishamerica and a 3rd coming out soon. I signed the first contract in June 2009. I have found my books at Amazon and Amazon Uk. also at Barns and Noble. I have not paid them a dime. Now I’m just waiting on the first check. I have 3 more books that I’m waiting to send in because I want to see how things go.

  8. Here’s your first clue to that outcome right here from the the 31-year journalist upstream.
    “PublishAmerica has never asked me for money, except when I call to buy my own books”
    That will keep you in good stead but not your bank account. This is the publishing plan PA has for you. Run.

  9. I have sent my manuscript in to PA and am new to the publishing world. I have been trying my best to do the research on this company and have to say that I do no like what I’m finding. I thank God that all of you others have sent out the warnings on to those of us seeking answers. I am, however, sorry for those of you who have fallen victim to PA’s lack of trying. If any one can give me pointers of other publishing companies to send my finished manuscript to, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  10. Let me tell you I had a book released on may 24th,2010 but no one can get the book. I had a book signing set up for this weekend and borders can’t get the book please please people stay away from this company, Scam artist they are. If you call you get no where, if you call the whse where the books are suppose to be they are down right nasty, its all unbelieveable to me.

  11. I am sorry but I do not understand your point. You say that using IE8 and it is not compatible because the browser is out of date. To upgrade Internet Explorer would take less than 30 seconds so what is the problem with upgrading your browsers??? You need to do it anyway to be able to have good use of the Internet.
    You would rather paid a publisher rather than spend a few moments downloading some free software.
    I don’t want to sound rude but the problem is not with PA but rather with your knowledge on how to use a computer.

  12. Why can’t we get out of our contracts with Publish America they are a SCAM, there isn’t shred of proof they are anything else. If it affects 1/3 or more of their clients, we all have the same basic complaints, it has to be PA is a scam. They are rude beyond belief when contacted either by email or on the phone. Not professional or helpful at all.
    Flood the Governors office with emails & calls about PA, call the press and DO NOT SIGN A GAG ORDER to get out of your contract we need the truth to be heard.

  13. No matter how much you edit PA can unedit your work, design a cover that is horrible, not pay royalties and YOU are the only customer PA tries to sell the book too. Open your wallet and see just how Free this publisher really is (NOT) PA has scammed thousands of people, it isn’t some big brotherhood trying to be mean to a sweet, traditional publisher, PA is not there for you they are a SCAM.

  14. Well your a fool to think you will get anything from PA, I published through them and they have ripped me off and many others, no money paid out and many books sold all over the world, but we are going to court, this company is going to pay dealy for their lack of paying the authors their royalties and they don’t pay. I know how many books they sold, there are even used books for sale, what a bunch of fools if you think your going to get anything other than you dollar like me and so many got, and that was all in 4 years of them selling my book,, Beware PA we are coming with our lawyers

  15. Then why are you and others just sitting back letting this company rip you off, they also rip off many others but keep in buisness this is why, no one complains to the right people and we need to come together and sue these bastards, I know I am trying now to get enough people together, we need to unite people and get this company for all the people they are ripping off like me,,

  16. I wouldn’t waste your time with PA, Like me many are being ripped off, we get nothing knowing our books are being sold, like me, I know I have had hundreds of books sold and have been paid nothing in 4 years, there is even hundreds of used books being sold on the internet yet, they still say none have been sold. We are getting together to shut down this corrupt company and they are going to end up paying people big time for their corrupt ways, watch and see in the next year, many are coming together and soon this company is going to see big law suite against them

  17. I would just like to say I fell prey to the P.A. scam out of just wanting desperately to get published, cause I put alot of hard work into my novel such asall who have been scam by this rogue company.My first novel is titled Sworn not to betray, you can find all over the place. it was published Janurary 3rd 2011. I haven’t recieved a sales statement or anything since the royalty period ended August 31st. They sent me a statment for my second novel A silent killer within, which hasn’t been released, should be anyday. Sworn not to betray has made sales over the recent six month royalty period from Janurary until August. the website will show my book was purchased by several libraries in my hometown of Cincinnati Ohio. The Minneapolis public Library just purchased it. A Mr Bob Spinner purchased 100 copies for an upcoming book signing of October 21st, his wife purchased four copies before the 100 copies were purchased by her husband. I have friends In Cincinnati and Minnepolis who purchased the novel. My second novel is based in Minneapolis and ready to due an interview with the Minneapolis star-tribune news paper and the M.P.R. Barnes and Nobel states people who purchased my novel has also or viewed other novels at the time of purchase of my novel sworn not to betray. There are websites where can be found stores claiming they so many copies of my novel in stock.Such as I.m going to fight them to the end to get what I know I earned. I live a homeless shelter and been there since October 5th of 2010. I thought I was finally getting a chance to lift myself out of this homeless enviroment. And they have the adasaty to send me solicitations for my second novel after they’ve completely robbed me of the first, what nerve.


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