Publishers Weekly Gives BADGE a Rave

I’m pleased to report that, on the heels of the starred review from Kirkus,
THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE got a rave today from Publisher’s Weekly.
Approaching the level of Lawrence Block is no mean feat,
but Goldberg (the Diagnosis Murder series) succeeds with this engaging PI novel,
the first of a new series. Harvey Mapes, an overeducated security guard for a
Southern California gated community, is pulled out of his rut when a wealthy
resident hires him to tail his wife. Genre readers won’t be surprised that this
simple assignment turns more complicated, but those who like their mean streets
settings to be coupled with a twisty solution will enjoy the surprise ending.
While Mapes’s rampant sexual appetite may not be for everyone’s taste, readers
who devoured Block’s brilliant Chip Harrison mystery picaresques (which doubled
as affectionate pastiches of Nero Wolfe) will find Mapes a worthy (if slightly
more mature) successor to Harrison and clamor for more. Agent, Gina Maccoby.

6 thoughts on “Publishers Weekly Gives BADGE a Rave”

  1. Jim,
    I’ve always said that, given the choice, I prefer writing original novels to original tie-ins. But even so, I put the same effort into both and I’m just as proud of my DM books as I am of BADGE (and the latest DM book has been getting some great reviews, too).

  2. Again, tie-ins are work for hire gigs. The buyers understand this, and hire a professional writer to so the work. That’s why Lee Goldberg was hired. There’s no lesser value to it.


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