“Rebus” Returning to TV

180305nrebusKen Stott is fast becoming the new John Thaw over in the UK.  He’s replacing the hopelessly miscast John Hannah as Inspector Rebus in the next set of TV movies based on Ian Rankin’s books. The movies are being written by Danny Boyle, who scripted some of the best Inspector Morse movies. Stott has  played cops before, most recently in the "Messiah" TV movies and as the leader of a sex crimes unit in five season of "The Vice."

3 thoughts on ““Rebus” Returning to TV”

  1. As I understand it John Hannah acquired the rights to Rankin’s books and went on to cast himself as Inspector Rebus. Hannah is a wonderful actor but – as you say – hopelessly miscast in this role and it immediately became apparent. As far as I know only 2 or 3 eps were made.
    I’m glad to see they’re having another go at Rankin.

  2. I enjoyed the John Hannah Rebuses (Rebi?), but confess the only novel from the series I read was RESURRECTION MEN, and that was after already seeing the Hannah shows.

  3. For those of you in the US who haven’t seen Stott in Messiah, check out BBC America starting Sept 5th. Stott is definitely more in line with my picture of Rebus. He was also in The Singing Detective and Shallow Grave.


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