Reformed Fanfic Writer Speaks Out

James Winter, a reformed fanfic writer, speaks his mind about his former pursuit on his blog

Why does anyone who does write fanfic bother writing the creator or writer of their favorite series to whine incessantly about rendering their creations irrelavant?

When you read crap like that or get letters like Lee gets, is it any wonder why people think science fiction fans are losers living in their parents’ basements and having trouble holding real jobs? When people send letters to writers and producers demanding they adhere to insipid story categories (ie – formulas) like hurt/comfort or slash (wtf!?!?!?!), how can you not understand why they get monumentally pissed off?

To the writers and producers, I say look, it’s just grafitti. Treat it as such. The problem is that the people who write fanfic seem to believe they’re writing the next Great Gatsby.

The thing about grafitti, Jim, is when someone puts it on the wall of your house or around your community, you paint over it… because it’s a violation of private property, it’s ugly and it ruins the neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Reformed Fanfic Writer Speaks Out”

  1. There was another comment in there I was hoping you’d pick up on, but in retrospect, even the cleaned up version is probably a bit too strong for even my blog. 🙂
    But my position on more lesbian love scenes in MISSING still stands.

  2. How fan fic writers can expect official sorces to take into account all the fan stories is beyond me. If they did that, they’d never create anything new again.
    So I guess that means we stick with “I Love Lucy” fan fic. 🙂


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