Remaindered Cast

We've cast my short film REMAINDERED, which I wrote and will be directing in Owensboro, Kentucky in early September, thanks to Zev Buffman, Roxi Witt and all the other terrific folks at the RiverPark Performing Arts Center

Eric Altheide is Kevin Dangler, a once-bestselling author trying to get back to the top… 

Resized Bill Spangler shot 3
Sebrina Siegel is Megan, his adoring fan (perhaps too adoring)

Todd Reynolds
And Todd Reynolds is Detective Bud Flanek, Owensboro's answer to Columbo (as he also was in my buddy David Breckman's film MURDER IN KENTUCKY). Robert Denton and Lisa Baldwin play supporting roles. I can't wait to start working with these terrific actors, who were found thanks to the tireless efforts of our casting director Lori Rosas and our producer Rodney Newton.

I'll be keeping you updated on the production of the movie here and on the Remaindered Production Blog...and the Remaindered Facebook group

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  1. Oops! Sorry about the typos! Here’s the corrected version:
    Boy, “Remaindered” is a really good short story. It has a pleasing solution to the crime, but I absolutely loved the interplay between the author and the girl. It was psychologically interesting and credible. I have to say that I liked this character, the girl, so much, it was sad to see her exit the story so soon. This character is a real winner. I’d love to see her back in a novel (name changed, of course). She’s a deep, crafty, sexy, menacing, surprising, full-blown temptress who’s got lots of stuff still to strut!


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