8 thoughts on “Remaindered Movie Poster”

  1. If you really want to know… the woman’s body simply isn’t funny. It’ not only a reminder of how many women really are murdered, it’s also an echo of sicko advertising displays where corpses are used to sell “fashion” or some such b.s. While “Forensic for Dummies” is brilliant, I can’t bear to see yet another woman’s deadened eyes. (Maybe I just know too many women who’ve been killed or maimed or been in life-threatening ordeals, including the one I look at in the mirror everyday.) I read and write mysteries, but, since you’re doing a comedy, aren’t you by definition in Cozy territory? Even if you’re going for a “black comedy” with more of a “edge” do you really want to turn away all but the most callous potential viewers? This poster would definitely tell me I don’t want to see the film, whereas something less graphic (I’m tempted to say “pornographic”) — say, just showing her feet (But, dammit, why is it always *her* feet..?) would keep it more accessible to a mainstream audience.

  2. I vote for “A Novel Way to Die.”
    You get the play on words and it’s clear a murder is in the plot.
    Bargain bins often have something else inside besides books, and the reference might confuse those who haunt Blockbuster instead of B&N for their entertainment.

  3. I’m with Kell Brigan. I am turned off by seeing yet another woman as a victim. Should have mentioned that before.
    I am more likely to see a movie that doesn’t feature a dead body of either gender on the promotional poster. Showing who gets killed is a spoiler, so bang goes the suspense.
    The classic black comedy Arsenic and Old Lace has 12 bodies in the cellar, but keeps the humor intact since we never see them.( Okay, we saw a bit of Mr. Spinalzo, but only in silhouette and he wasn’t on the lobby poster. )
    Maybe the young lady can be Photoshopped out, leaving the gent and the blood stains in place.
    Just a thought.

  4. Unfortunately, you may need to Photoshop a new, fake book cover (“Forensics For Idiots” or somesuch) as the publishers of the “For Dummies” books probably won’t let you use that trademarked bit.


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