5 thoughts on “Remake Remakes Poster”

  1. Desperation + Proven Commodity = Movie Remake
    Desperation + Proven Commidity + Creative Bankruptcy = Movie Remake of a TV Show
    That said, if someone offered me a chance to write a feature film remake of THE MAN FROM UNCLE for the movies, I’d grab it.
    The geek in me (and that’s most of me) sobs in grief at how the fucked up THE AVENGERS, I SPY, THE SAINT and WILD WILD WEST. Those could been kick-ass, great movies if they’d just done them right.
    In a sick way, I’m looking forward to BEWITCHED. At least it isn’t a straight-ahead remake/reimagining.

  2. I will probably see the new Bad News Bears just out of curiosity. A lot of these remakes lose the point of the original (like Rollerball). I don’t know how much they can relly mess with the original, but I’ll be curious to see.
    But maybe they’ll resolve some things. I see on the new poster that Kelly Leak has a skateboard. One thing about the original movie that irked the anal side of my brain was Kelly Leak’s age. In the book, he was 12, which was, I think, the league maximum. But if he was 12, then how could he drive a Harley on the street?


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