My REVIVALS Revived…And Revived Again

My 1993 book TELEVISION SERIES REVIVALS is back… in trade paperback (as I mentioned last week) and now in a Kindle edition. I have no idea if Kindle users are interested in non-fiction, TV references books…but I figured I had nothing to lose by finding out. If it looks like they do, I may make my book UNSOLD TELEVISION PILOTS available for the Kindle, too, though that might actually take some time and effort on my part.

2 thoughts on “My REVIVALS Revived…And Revived Again”

  1. I would adore seeing this book in Kindle Format! A nice bonus would be to have the Faith Ford hosted special available somewhere. Is that available to purchase or grab from somewhere I wonder?

  2. Sadly, Amitav, that special has never been released onto home video. I suspect there are way too many rights-clearance problems for the individual clips.


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