Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano

Both Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano have starred in two TV series in two consecutive seasons… IN THE LIONS DEN (Lowe), THE HANDLER (Pantoliano) and DR. VEGAS (Lowe & Pantoliano).. and all three shows bombed. Do you think anybody will be hiring them to star in a TV series any time soon?

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  1. Actually Lee it was called “The Lyons Den.”
    I’m sure they would be hired again, but I’m not sure they’d *want* to try another series. Unless it was joining an established show.
    Hey, “The West Wing” needs some help…

  2. What’s a little hard to believe is that a producer thought Joey Pants was a name draw in the first place. He’s not.
    Rob Lowe probably still is, although his star has certainly diminished over the years. He apparently has terrible taste in projects, though. Dr. Vegas was a lame idea from the get-go.

  3. Actually, Teresa, that’s not Joe Pantoliano in Veronica Mars, it’s Enrico Colantoni, who played Elliot in Just Shoot Me.

  4. And, unfortunately, I’d hardly call Veronica Mars a hit show. I love it, but keep hearing how badly it’s doing in the ratings. But if I’m wrong and someone wants to correct me, I certainly won’t complain. 🙂

  5. I didn’t say Joey Pants wasn’t good. In fact, I like him quite a bit. He was terrific in Midnight Run, for example.
    He is not, however, a significant draw for a TV show. He’s a character actor, not a star.
    FYI, in the latest ratings book, Veronica Mars had a 2.7 rating and a 4 share. I’m not even sure that makes for a hit on UPN.


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