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I had a big day hit-wise at A Writers Life, so I was curious what people were searching for that brought them here. There were an extraordinary number of people looking for details about Andi McDowell’s breasts, Hunter Tylo’s plastic surgery, Steve Erhardt, Lindsay Lohan’s breasts, and information on Temperance Brennan, the hero of the new series BONES. Here were some of the other searches that brought people here:

"hair dresser Michael Jacks0n Los Angeles cleft chin same surgery"
"Alexander the Great fanfic"
"Obi Wan Kenobi sex"
"Jeff Lindsay Dexter Literary Agent"
"How to Write a Treatment"
"Author Jan Goldberg" (that had to be my Mom googling herself)
"Tod Goldberg" (that had to be my brother doing his hourly self-google)
"JK Rowling is a plagerist"
"Another bullshit night in suck city + lousy"
"asshole + Lee Goldberg"
"How to sell my book"
"How to write a sex scene"
"Fanfic + Lee Goldberg"
"Janet Evanovich’s phone number"
"Lord of the Rings real cities on earth"
"mpreg stories"
"mpreg + Spock"
and my name + every science fiction show ever produced (is someone preparing a blog post about my views on sci fi TV?).

2 thoughts on “Search Me”

  1. “Temperance Brennan”. Now that’s a great name. It sort of rings. Too bad it’s taken. It would make a great character name.
    I love looking through search terms. I consistently get people looking for ‘Genevieve Gorder feet’ and ‘armpit smothering’.


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