Sell Books! Get Rich

I got this unsolicited email today:

Get Bookstore Orders for your Books!! Would you like to get your book on the shelves in bookstores nationally? Visit  today!!

Writer’s Universe meets monthly with book buyers as well as representatives from major libraries across the country — We will get you book orders! Book Store and Library Package — $500 for six week campaign. This is a limited time offer. We will get you book orders! specializes in book orders from book stores as well as public libraries. Put our specialization to work to today.

I’m assuming I received this pitch because several of my "out-of-print" books were republished by iUniverse through the Authors Guild’s "back-in-print" program…because someone published by a major publisher wouldn’t have to hire freelance book reps. Or are they publicists? I went to their website to get more info. But their site is suspiciously threadbare when it comes to actual details about the services they provide and what a small-press or self-published author can realistically expect to gain for their $500.

Has anybody ever had an experience with them? Are they legit… or just another scam that takes advantage of the self-published?

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  1. Lee, I’ve gotten about one a month from a different outfit, many with vague compliments about my work, one of which was referred to as out of print. Strange no titles were mentioned.
    Run, don’t walk away.

  2. The company is a scam it is owned by John Weaver.
    I just found a ripoff report on them I did a reverse lookup on john’s phone number and found this
    Still searching I found out he to owns
    Go to and do a look up on the number is register to a John Weaver. Do a search in google for the number and you will see it is owned to Writers Universe . Two scams run by the same man.
    You can go to and read about it in their forums and it about to be updated to my site at
    I suggest stay away from them.

  3. Several authors and publishers have posted information on at WritersWeekly. Here is a link to that page:
    John Weaver has some negative feedback from several that have done business with him. In fact, if you type in his company name, you’ll see several other sites who are unhappy with that company for various reasons.
    Hope you are well and have a Happy New Year!
    Steve Carney

  4. I reinstate my comment I am not saying that bookstofilm or the other company previously owned by John Weaver is a scam. I would suggest anyone to do a background check on them. I have never had any experience with them personally. I only have information I have read on the web. I do consider the way they do business very poor ethnics as I received 5 emails from them spamming me and even after requesting to be removed from their mailing list I’m still spammed.


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