Selling My Signature

 I was on ebay tonight, listing some old textbooks for my daughter. Since I can't pass a search box without typing my own name into it,  I discovered  that there's someone selling cards with my signature on them at five bucks a pop. I can' t imagine who'd want it…especially since it's not my signature. It's not even close, as you can see from the signed copy of MR. MONK IN OUTER SPACE that somebody else is selling.Monkouterspace
Which makes me wonder…why would anyone waste their time faking my autograph? There can't possibly be any money in that.

UPDATE: The guy has corrected his auction. It turns out the signature is my brother Tod's and that's worth at least five bucks. Maybe as much as  $5.25.

8 thoughts on “Selling My Signature”

  1. “Can’t be any money in it.”
    Are you sure? You are generating, maybe, a particular kind of buzz, somewhat like Paris Hilton does, which is based on the fusion of your intelligence, passion, creativity, great inside knowledge of Hollywood and host of energetic new pinions! It seems like you might be in “break-out mode.” As in, wouldn’t it be a logical next step to be a guest for a week on “The View”? Maybe they could have a theme week: “Hollywood Personalities.”
    Anyway, at the very least, you could easily do a radio spot every day based on your blogs, and jazzed up with your unique sense of humor/outrage! You could take phone calls just like these replies to your blogs. Your opinions and the way you express them show a high degree of talent, right up there with your writing talent. I’m wondering if other people also share this view?

  2. The more distressing thing might be that while it is indeed my signature, the auction is for Todd Goldberg, so anyone searching for valuable signed things by me won’t actually find it unless they, too, don’t know how to spell my name.

  3. One has to wonder if Tod, when he was asked to sign the book said “I didn’t write that. Would you like me to sign something I wrote?”
    It’s funny. Fame by association. Kind of.

  4. “Flattering … I guess. Did you report the seller to eBay?”
    Don’t know why I would. People are welcome to sell my autograph or my signed books. I don’t care. I did, however, alert the seller that it wasn’t my signature that he was selling. He realized he’d mistaken me for Tod and changed his auction accordingly.

  5. “I can’t imagine who’d want it.” I’d want it, and not only that, I’m willing to pay you $200 for it.
    Please place it at the bottom of a check in the amount of $5000 made payable to me. As soon as it clears, I’ll send the $200.


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