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On DorothyL, the mystery list-serv, Terry G. wrote:

Hi DLers, I was perusing the latest dl list and went off to check out the
mystery readers international site, which I was not familiar with, and
enjoyed an article by Elaine Viets and Lee Goldberg in particularLee, who must be in the sixty range in years since
his tv PI touchstones were about the same as mine, mentioned Richard S
Prather, who would certainly fit into the humorous thread that was being
bandied about for the last couple weeks.
Um, I’m 43. You know, it’s possible to read books and authors who are older
than you are. If I’d mentioned Sherlock Holmes, would that mean I was 100 years
People always assume I’m much older than I am. I can’t tell you how many
times DIAGNOSIS MURDER viewers or readers meet me and say  "Oh, I thought you’d
be so much older." I guess they figure because the show stars an 80-year-old man
(and the books have his picture on the cover) that the author must be getting
the Senior Citizen discount at Hometown Buffet, too. I always smile politely
when people say that to me but I’m not quite sure how to take it…

4 thoughts on “Send me off to the Motion Picture Home”

  1. Hey Lee,
    What I would be most interested in, if you don’t mind, is hearing about the early days of your career and how you broke into the television thing . . . I notice you worked on Spenser for Hire, which was back in 87 or so, so you must have been a wee young lad just out of school when you started on that. How’d you get started?

  2. As someone who has been mistaken for late-thirties since the age of 19 (I look waaaay too much like my mother), just smile and say “I have the wisdome of the age, just not the looks”.
    Of course I could ditch my jazz 45s, stop watching reruns of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, and start wearing vinyl mini-skirts, but then what would I do for my midlife crisis?


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