Shelf Life

In 1983, I wrote a "My Turn" essay that was published in Newsweek Magazine. Today, almost 25 years later, I got a nice royalty check for a reprint of the essay in the textbook MAKING READING RELEVANT: THE ART OF CONNECTING. This is not the first time the essay has been reprinted. It has actually shown up in scores of textbooks over the years, from MARRAIGE AND THE FAMILY EXPERIENCE to DESIGNING IDEAS: AN ANTHOLOGY FOR WRITERS. And each time it happens, I am stunned. I can’t believe something I wrote in a half hour so long ago has had such a long shelf life.

4 thoughts on “Shelf Life”

  1. Lee, this sounds like perfect timing. Just the other day an old college buddy and I had lunch together and he brought an old copy of our first story we published together in the college paper, 21 years ago.
    …My, how times have changed, you get the royalty check, we get the memories!


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