She-Wolf of London Coming to DVD!

SheWolfOfLondon_Complete  I never thought I'd say this…but the 1990 first-run syndicated series SHE-WOLF OF LONDON aka LOVE & CURSES is finally coming out on DVD. TVShowsOnDVD reports that the complete series, the London and L.A. episodes, will be out February 2. William Rabkin and I were the showrunners and wrote almost all of the episodes. 

The show was hardly seen…it aired as part of Universal Studios' fledgling "Hollywood Premiere Network," which basically consisted of KCOP in Los Angeles and a station in New York. Other shows on the "network" were THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE and SHADES OF L.A. 

You can find some of the SHE-WOLF scripts, and even the Writers Guidelines for the show, here.

14 thoughts on “She-Wolf of London Coming to DVD!”

  1. Hello Lee,
    I too read the information today that She-Wolf of London is finally getting a DVD release. I remember seeing this series when I lived in England. It was a fun series. My favourite episode would have to be “Beyond the Beyond” the one set at a sci-fi convention. Great episode.

  2. Fantastic! Been hoping it would come out on DVD – been waiting years for someone to publish it properly on disc!! Haven’t seen it in years and am dying to get to watch it properly and show it to my younger friends who missed out on it completely. Will it be in the shops or will it be tricky to get hold of? Where can I buy it??? 🙂 x

  3. @binkydeath
    It’s available from pre-order at Amazon already.
    Am so pleased it’s being released tho never really expected it to be

  4. Really? How odd. Then again, I seem to recall that when it reran on SciFi Channel some years ago, they put the “She-Wolf” main titles on the “Love and Curses” episodes, which was strange, too. I don’t know why they didn’t leave the “She-wolf” titles on the “She-wolf” episodes and the “Love & Curses” titles on the “Love & Curses” episodes. Either way, I’m just glad to have the show on DVD (not that my copy has arrived yet).
    Besides the main title gripe, how are the transfers?

  5. Hi Lee.
    I can confirm that the dvd’s have the alternate LOVE & CURSES title sequence mixed with some of the original SHE-WOLF sequences. Doesn’t really match well with the music… but still a good attempt. I’m still surprised this obscure series made it on DVD. Transfers are bit grainy… For some reason, I do have to put the audio up… It seems like they didn’t really do anything to enhance it… Now are SEAQUEST 2032 dvd’s coming out. 🙂

  6. My DVDs arrived today and it’s bizarre. What they did was scrap the original “She-Wolf” main titles and replace them with something entirely new, using the “Love & Curses” title card, the “Love & Curses” theme, and shots from both main title sequences. I don’t understand what the thinking was behind this. Why not use the “She-Wolf” main titles on the “She-Wolf” episodes and the “Love & Curses” main titles on the “Love & Curses” episodes? The episodes also aren’t arranged in the original air order in a few cases (eg “Moonlight Becomes You” followed “The Juggler,” not the other way around, and the last episode of the series was “Mystical Pizza,” not “Eclipse.”)

  7. very strange! or how strange… were those the production order or just complete random episodes?
    i went ahead checking out the last disc… the LOVE & CURSES main title card remain intact… it’s too bad because i loved the original she-wolf main title music… very moody. like the london episodes…


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