Short but Sweet

0Guyot ecover 3SD_2A few years ago, I was one of the judges for Michael Connelly's MWA anthology The Blue Religion. We got hundreds of blind submissions from unidentified authors eager to fill the half-dozen openings for stories that weren't being commissioned by Mike. One of the very best stories, out of those hundreds of submissions, was What A Wonderful World, which we later learned was by veteran TV writer/producer Paul Guyot, who now toils on Leverage.

When critics reviewed The Blue Religion, they inevitably picked Paul's story as one of the stand-outs…and for good reason. It's a powerful piece of writing. Now you can grab it for just 99 cents on the Kindle.

But wait, there's more. You can also get three of  Paul'sother memorable, and highly acclaimed short stories in Three Stories Down, a steal at $2.99.

This will have to satisfy you until Paul finally writes that novel he's been promising for years… 

(The great covers for Paul's Kindle books are by the amazing Jeroen Ten Berge)

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  1. I love Jeroen’s work, and hope to have his talent applied to the new e-book editions of my early true crime classics, and my future classics — or as I prefer to term them, “classics in waiting.”


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