I’ve said it here a couple of times before — Jason Gedrick and Eric Balfour are showkillers.  Apparently Alan Sepinwall, TV Critic for the Star-Ledger, agrees with me:

For professional purposes, Gedrick’s fascinating to me as the reigning
champion among active male Show Killers on television (Paula Marshall,
I believe, is the female titleholder at the moment), one of those
people who, year after year after year, winds up in a project that’s
destined to fail.

Alan analyzes each of Gedrick’s failures and offers his take on what went wrong.

3 thoughts on “Showkillers”

  1. I’d hardly call myself a fan of Gedrick’s, but he’s not too bad of an actor. He just hasn’t had any shows yet that I’ve had any desire to watch regularly.
    He’ll probably end up finally having a hit with a sitcom on the CW or something like that.

  2. Then again, Clooney had like, ten failed pilots or so before he hit it with ER (and in an interesting side note, George starred in a sitcom titled E/R with Eliot Gould that didn’t last even a whole season).
    So maybe it’s just a matter of finding the right project. I actually liked CUPID, the show Paula Marshal did with Jeremy Piven, back in 98 or 99.


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