Another day and another brilliant blog post from Ken Levine, this one on the fine art of Showrunning. I’ve run a few series — including one that starred a guy who didn’t speak English and got all his dialogue transmitted to him through a flesh-colored earpiece. Showrunning is the greatest job in the world…and the worst. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have in TV…and non-stop agony. But I think Ken sums up the experience very well:

People ask me what’s it like to be a showrunner. I tell them “did you
see the end of BONNIE & CLYDE?” It is a constant barrage of
problems coming at you from all directions[…]You need to be a psychiatrist, an accountant, a CEO, a personnel
manager, a Drill Sergeant, a Jewish mother, and work well under heavy
medication. Once you’ve satisfied those requirements then you can add
talent…but that’s optional.

5 thoughts on “Showrunning”

  1. The executive producer of the show — the writer/producer responsible for EVERYTHING (casting, writing, editing, etc.)

  2. By the way, what is a “writer” exactly? I don’t see any relevant links here that would explain that person’s job description, either.


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