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In a bid to get more subscribers, Showtime is offering free episodes of DEXTER, L WORD, WEEDS,  BROTHERHOOD, and SLEEPER CELL on Yahoo to get you hooked. They are also aggressively courting bloggers like me to get the word out. Obviously, its worked, since here I am, talking about it.But this is not the first time Showtime has tried to reach bloggers and their readers.

Several weeks before DEXTER premiered, Showtime sent bloggers personal emails with links to the pilot in an effort to generate word-of-mouth for the show within the blogosphere. As far as I know, this is the first time a network has so actively attempted to court bloggers to hype their shows.  DEXTER scored well in its premiere…it will be interesting to know, if it’s even possible to determine, how much Showtime’s aggressive web push played in those numbers.

2 thoughts on “Showtime Series For Free”

  1. Dexter is actually pretty good – at least what I have seen so far… Although he will be Michael C Hall will be David for me for a while yet… I wish that Showtime had done more for their other shows that have since gone off the air (Huff, Dead Like Me etc) and spent a bit less time pumping Brotherhood… I just can’t care about that show.
    Regarding your question as to whether it is possible to determine the impact of the web-campaign let me promise you that it is very possible. There are companies who’s whole purpose is to measure “buzz” (buzzmetrics as an example) and how that impacted viewership / purchasing path etc.

  2. The funny thing was, I got one of those “Please plug our show!” e-mails after I’d already plugged the show on my own initiative. I was like, um, what else new can I say about it that I didn’t do 2 days ago?


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