Sisters on Sojourn

My sisters Linda and Karen are off to Cinncinnati this weekend for the big photo shoot for their art journaling book, which will be out in late 2005. While packing, Linda made a discovery.

KandlbeachWe leave for Cincinnati this weekend and I have been packing up all my art supplies for the photo shoot. How
come pretty much every supply I own fits nicely in a box that is
20"x14"x14" yet my workspace (which is bigger than a box) feels too
small for all my stuff? Of course our art journaling philosophy is that
you don’t really need much more than your imagination and emotions
to create an artful journal-so-this enforces my belief that all these
stacks of things here are just cluttering up my space when all I really
need is in that 20"x14"x14" box (and in the small box that rests on my
neck). Somehow I stopped practicing what I preach for ten minutes and
chaos happened.

I know I’m much better giving the writers who work for me notes than I am at following those notes myself in my writing. By the way, my sisters will be teaching another one of their incredibly popular art courses soon…

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