Snail Lady

If I wrote about a character doing this, nobody would believe it:

She collected snails, liking their portable hiding place and the impossibility of telling which was male and which was female. She traveled with snails in her luggage and kept hundreds at home. If she was bored at dinner parties, she might get a few snails out of her purse and let them loose on the tablecloth. As she didn’t eat much, she was often bored at dinner parties.

The woman being discussed is Patricia Highsmith.

7 thoughts on “Snail Lady”

  1. Snails are funny critters. In Guelph, here, there’s a small patch of gound that sits at a 45-degree angle, facing south, so as to catch the sun. The sun is always south in Canada. Snails love it like crazy. You find, maybe, 20 per square foot and you have to be very careful not to step on one if you go up this very short rise. I think they eat grass. Anyway, if you’re ever in Guelph, and they advertise the local escargot, I’d go for the Campbell’s soup instead. You don’t want one of these in your mouth!


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