Some Really Nice Things to Say

The I Love a Good Mystery Blog has some really nice things to say about THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE.

Imagine sitting down with someone who has a wild story to tell, and manages it
to tell it with great humour.  This person quickly becomes a friend, and lets
you in on all the fun details of his adventure.  Sound good?  If so, get
yourself a copy of Lee Goldberg’s book, THE

…I tore through this book and just couldn’t put it down.  With a terrific style
that makes the reader feel part of the action, Goldberg has managed to create a
very funny book that doesn’t skimp on plot, dialogue or surprise twists.

Thanks — you made my day. It’s rainy here in L.A. and for some reason, writing today has been like chiseling at granite with a cotton ball (that labored metaphor is a perfect example how badly it’s been going).

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