Something More Pathetic Than Those Full Page Ads in Variety…

From Defamer:

snaps a couple of pictures of this billboard (click on image to see larger view) physically located near the
intersection of Sunset and Highland, and metaphysically situated at the
intersection of "writerly desperation" and "too much money lying around."
Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to hire a dozen hookers wearing sandwich boards
detailing his pitch to camp out in front of NBC’s offices in Burbank?

The writer should meet up with those guys at the Colonial Fan Force.


3 thoughts on “Something More Pathetic Than Those Full Page Ads in Variety…”

  1. OK, call me naive, since I’ve only been published by a small press and therefore am not a “real writer,” but wouldn’t it be easier if Jay the Writer got himself… Gee, I dunno… AN AGENT?!
    Call me whacky, but that’s what I did to go hunting for that next book contract. Guess I’m just a silly guy taken in by obvious hucksters like Larry Block and Stephen King.

  2. What will be interesting to see is if it actually works. Stranger things have certainly happened.
    I don’t know how difficult it is to get an agent for scripts, but it is quite difficult for books (as I’m sure we all know). My guess is that this is his shot in the dark.

  3. Actually, it’s not all that hard to get an agent for a novel…if the novel is good. It’s time consuming and a bit frustrating but far from hard. You just write a great query letter and send it to as many people as it takes for you to find the right agent for your book. If you don’t get an agent with that book, write another book (hopefully better than the first) and repeat process. If you’re book is crap it’s not hard to find an agent, it’s impossible and gimmicks will only make things worse.


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