2 thoughts on “Star Whackers”

  1. That is pretty ignorant to say that there is not something like this out there. It’s a business to make money off of a star going downhill or dying. You wouldn’t believe that Hollywood is dirty enough to do something like that?

  2. It sure would make a good book in the right hands were any of that true. Mind if I steal the idea?
    I was in the same drama class at UTA with Randy back when we were both lean and hungry. I recall he was a quiet kid until he got on stage, and then it was a surprise “wow”. He was tall, danged good looking, and better at the craft than any of the others.
    He even got away playing the lead in the semester production of Dracula. It was the 1920s play, which I’m not fond of and clearly the director had contempt for the work, but Randy made a good job of it.
    He might remember me from another play the department did, the deservedly forgotten “The Dreams of Henry Kissinger.” He played a romantic Venusian in green paint, and I played Harpo Marx. Thankfully not in the same act. (It was one of those plays that’s more fun to act in than to watch.)
    As for how things are for him today? I’d say that his wife is the main crazy and they might have one of those folie a deux things going that feed off each other. The way they keep ending sentences, and his “Shut up, Evi” outburst are red flags of dysfunction, along with the claims that they’re *really* enjoying themselves and “alive”. How can anyone enjoy that kind of crap?
    Scary. It’s like two bad swimmers who will drown each other in the fight to keep above water.


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