Stunt Casting

I was looking for a racy and suggestive DIAGNOSIS MURDER shot toPolice
illustrate the previous post and, shockingly, couldn’t find one. But I did Spy_1
stumble on these gallery shots from some of our big stunt casting episodes (MANNIX, MATLOCK, TV Spies, TV Doctors, TV Cops, TV Sf, M*A*S*H).  They brought back some fond memories for me and reveal why TV geeks should never be put in charge of a series. (Click on the pictures for larger images).Mash_1

3 thoughts on “Stunt Casting”

  1. Of the episodes which were actual crossovers (the ones with Matlock, Mannix, and Cinnamon Carter of Mission Impossible), I think the Mannix one worked the best for me.
    Especially because it gave some great background, creating a history between the two characters; that for all these years, Dr. Sloan has been the one responsible for patching up Joe Mannix after all those times he was shot or bashed in the head.
    Seeing Van Dyke and Griffith working together was a delight, though. Being the TV Universe purist that I am, though, how come Matlock didn’t see a resemblance between Dr. Sloan and Judge Carter Addison? Ha!
    As for Cinnamon Carter’s appearance, it felt a bit forced. But it was great to see her in action once again. And it helps to wash away the revulsion I have for the first M:I movie.

  2. I loved the Mannix episode. Even though I was very young when the Mannix series ended, it still held a lot of great memories for me.
    (Side note: it was also VERY cool seeing Mannix referenced in The Man With The Iron On Badge.)


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