Sweet News for Willeford Fans

Variety reports that Neil LaBute will write and direct an adaptation of Charles Willeford's novel BURNT ORANGE HERESY. It's not Willeford's best novel, but I'm glad to see any of his work make it to the screen. Past adaptations have been a mixed bag… COCKFIGHTER and WOMAN CHASER were great, MIAMI BLUES was a major disappointment. 

2 thoughts on “Sweet News for Willeford Fans”

  1. Interesting. With all due respect, Mr. Goldberg, I think “Burnt Orange Heresy” is one of Willeford’s better novels, and I liked “Miami Blues” a lot. But we’re talking about Neil “Wicker Man” LaBute here.
    I can actually see Nicholas Cage as the lead in a movie of “Burnt Orange Heresy”, now that I think about it…

  2. I remember being disappointed by the MIAMI BLUES movie as well, although I did feel that Fred Ward was a good casting choice for Hoke Mosely.
    In story and structure the book reminded me very much of CITY PRIMEVAL, my first (and still my favourite) Elmore Leonard… a dogged hero and a Meat Machine of a villain.


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