Sweet Dreams

A screenwriter in Finland dreamed about me last night.

Lee Goldberg was a
performing magician and was giving a show at a stage somewhere. It was a big
outdoor stage and there was quite a big audience. I was his apprentice. Lee
Goldberg said he was going to do a big trick, but it required the presence of
President George W. Bush.

At least I wasn’t naked… and it didn’t involve me helping the President discover the joys of hot hunky man love.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams”

  1. Having lived in Finland, I can vouch for the other guy that the long hours of winter darkness and the copious amounts of coping alcohol can make for all kinds of bizarre dreams.
    Thankfully I was usually too drunk to remember any of them.

  2. I think that’s a scary dream; I hope I never have any dreams involving Bush. But then I probably won’t ever have any dreams about Bush because I’m too busy having dreams about Ian Somerhalder.


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