Stick With Me Kid

One of my favorite TV experiences was my time as a writer/producer on an obscure little detective series called STICK WITH ME KID back in the early ’90s. It was created by Peter Jay Hume and executive produced by Daniel Petrie Jr, two of the nicest and most talented writers I’ve ever worked with, and was shot in London for Disney. The show was about a teenage, deductive genuis who is brilliant at solving crimes…but no one will take him seriously…so he convinces a pompous, out-of-work actor to be his “front,” the great detective Grant Logan. The series aired in Europe but, as far as I know, never aired in the United States. Now someone has posted beautiful transfers of most of the episodes on YouTube. Take a look at them now before the studio finds out and has them pulled. They are great fun…but ignore the summaries, they contain huge spoilers.