The Booksigning Song

Here's my friend author Parnell Hall's classic, and painfully true, ode to booksignings, "Signing in the Waldenbooks," which is nearly as well known and beloved as his many books. He's been singing his very funny song at conferences and booksignings for years…so long, in fact, that he's still plugging away and Waldenbooks isn't (I think I first heard him sing it at a Left Coast Crime conference in Boulder Colorado in 1996).

5 thoughts on “The Booksigning Song”

  1. That’s hilarious. I was a writer’s bookfest recently and wondered how the writers felt who were sitting there and no one was approaching them. It made me want to buy one of their books just to make them feel better. 🙂 I do love Parnell Hall’s books – his Stanley Hastings character would make a great TV series, I think. I love the puzzle lady too.

  2. hilarious. Reminds me of every booksigning I’ve been part of… Especially the one where I sat next to Michael Connelly. I think I actually sold two “pity” books by approaching the people on his line.


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