The Business Lunch, R.I.P.?

I guess that next time I see my editor, I'm the one who is going to have to buy us lunch. The New York Times reports:

Nobody expects one of the staples of the business — the long lunch — to die off completely because of these straitened circumstances. But publishers, editors and literary agents, who have often been among the best diners in the city, are now reconsidering their favorite restaurants.
“We’ve all naturally been thinking about whether it’s absolutely essential to have a lunch here or there,” Mr. Burnham added, “or whether it can be a phone call or a meeting.”

1 thought on “The Business Lunch, R.I.P.?”

  1. Looks that way, in publishing at least. But you can always count on Hollywood for good lunching. So when you’re out -w- the word folks, go dutch; when the studios (or agencies) are paying, order the lobster. Or at least some really good sushi.


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