The Emmys Were Dull

You’d think that a show celebrating excellence in television would at least be entertaining. Well, you’d be wrong. It was the worst show in years (even if you were fast-forwarding through the worst parts, like I was), and my friend Ken Levine does a great job today skewering it on his blog.

James Spader over James Gandolfini??? Sally Field over Edie Falco?
Ricky Gervais over Alec Baldwin?? Thomas Hayden Church over anybody???

[…]You could tell Robert Duvall won for a cowboy movie.  Even while standing he looked like he was riding a horse.

The best acceptance speech wasn’t even aired.  It was Elaine Stritch’s from a week ago.  “I’m a recovering alcoholic, a riddled diabetic and I’ve got laryngitis – but I just won an Emmy!”

IDOL “Gives Back” resulted in AMERICAN IDOL “Gets Back”. They finally
won an Emmy. Next year look for the very special TWO AND A HALF MEN
“Gives Back” episode.

2 thoughts on “The Emmys Were Dull”

  1. The giant-dark-disco-ball-of-censorship was fun, though, wasn’t it? Everytime it came on camera and the mic went dead for a couple of seconds, I said “WTF?” so loudly the FCC fined me 50 grand for polluting the public airwaves. Honestly, why does the FCC really care anymore? To protect the children who might be watching? If any kids had accidentally tuned in, they certainly would have fallen asleep during Seacrest Out’s monotonologue.


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