The Fine Print of Self-Publishing

Mark Levine has just published the third edition of  THE FINE PRINT OF SELF-PUBLISHING. I was a fan of the first edition and this one is even better. Particularly useful are the updated and expanded  examinations of the various self-publishing companies, their services and their contracts.

Anybody who is thinking about self-publishing must read this book first.  Even authors who aren't interested in self-publishing will come away, as I did, with a deeper understanding of publishing contracts and what the various clauses actually mean for you.

I strongly recommend this book.

1 thought on “The Fine Print of Self-Publishing”

  1. I’m about ready to self-publish my first book. My goal is to get my second book publish through a typical publishing house. I’m not sure which is harder, but I’ll let you know some day!
    I’m so glad there are people who critically look at stuff like this… we need to know the poop!


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