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  1. I have been watching The Glades On Demand. I haven’t gotten up to your episode yet, but I wanted to say congrats on the gig. I will comment again after I see your episode. (I have only seen the first two episodes, but so far I am really enjoying the show.

  2. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw Lee Goldberg credited with co-writing The Glades episode The Girlfriend Experience ! I have been enjoying this new show ( 7 episodes so far ) and have all the Monk books and Love your writing ! That show was the best episode yet.

  3. While the plots for this show are okay, there are just too many glaring errors in the show:
    1. The ME acting as a partner and detective is totally unrealistic. Oh, and large amounts of blood from a bullet hole on a victim who the ME says has been moved. A body was dumped and the killer also dumped a shoe with a broken off heel.
    2. Allowing a relative to take away evidence from a crime scene right off the body.
    3. Cops walking in the ER and flashing a warrant for x-rays,(they aren’t kept in ER and a supeona for records is needed}then walking behind a desk and flipping an x-ray up and trying to read it. Then a nurse/sans medical student reads the x-ray. Not gonna happen in a hospital.Nurses and medical students can’t/don’t read x-rays.
    4. A nurse in first year medical school working in ER (most work 12 hour shifts)who is having to support herself and a son does not have unlimited time to just visit the cop she’s in love with or go places with him when he is solving a crime. I absolutely dislike this character. Medical school is all encompassing and there is not time to work and go to school the first years.
    I liked Matt Passmore in the shows I saw him act in in Australia. Sorry this is not working.
    You need some better help from police and medical personnel in getting the facts correct.

  4. Whenever there is a close-up between Jim and another person, Jim appears to be looking at the top of the other person’s head. Creepy look. Tell him to look at the other person’s face or better yet, eyes, not the top of the head.

  5. i like this show, but have a hard time with the whole rn acting as a forensic nurse without training, then getting into med school without taking premed classes and “working her way through” med school as a nurse, which is unheard of. do a little research.


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