The Mail I Get

I got home from Bouchercon and found this email waiting for me.

Fan of Monk the series, don't care at all for your books. 

What about a spinoff? Randy and Sharrona got married, right.  Why not do a show about them and his new job.  I think this would be a good idea especially with all the special guests.  Randy was a good detective with Barney personality and Sharrona was a good investigator/assistant.  I can see a lot of good shows for them.  Don't forget Benji-Hawaii trip episode. 

Just a thought.

I'm a fan of readers, don't care at all for you or your dumb ideas. What about next time you write to someone, you don't start off by insulting them? Just a thought.


16 thoughts on “The Mail I Get”

  1. Oh my gosh, Lee. People are nuts. They’re just nuts. Wow. Though, I admit I might watch a tv series about Randy and Sharona. If the theme song was by The Randy Disher Project. ;-)Wow! You get some crazy mail.

  2. I have to confess I wondered the same thing at the end of the series – if they were setting it up for Randy to have his own show. But I love your books. What do I know?

  3. But Lee…SHE’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Don’t let GOLD escape you!
    Add ALF to the mix, and you’ve got sitcom MAGIC! *queue theme song* ‘You can do magic…you can have anything, that you desire.’ lol

  4. Wow, Lee, this after all the love in Boucheron. lol. Well, I love the blog . . . and the Monk books. Don’t get any ideas. Don’t go near any bridges. You would be missed.

  5. I tell you. It astounds me, Lee, how utterly some members of your family mistakenly imagine that they are superior to others who lack writing ability and who are lost and aimless and desperate and trying to find anything that works. There is such a depth of disrespect for the lonely and the lost that it would be justice for some to be turned into them. It never hurts to throw a dog a bone, or some peanuts to squirrels. From those who are given much, much will be expected. Hey, why are so full of insults?

  6. Heh, two decades back an old school horror fan wrote to tell me that I’d utterly ruined the vampire genre with my less than reverent take on things, then told me how to write my next book–using my main character, who the fan did not like.
    When I got my breath back from laughing so hard I told the guy to do what I did, write the kind of book he wanted to read and start shopping it to publishers.
    I’ve not heard from him since.

  7. Lee you come across as such an ass in your responses to people who write to you. You’re rude and encouraged by your online entourage who pile when you insult someone, which you constantly do in your responses. I like that she insulted you right off the bat. Gives you a little taste of the medicine you dish out regularly.
    Okay, let me sit back now and watch your loyal butt kissers bash me. 🙂

  8. I’m glad she insulted you right off the bat. It should give you a little taste of what you give out to the people who write to you on a regular basis. Do you have any idea how rude and arrogant you come across in your responses?
    I’m sure your legion of online hind end kissers will now take aim at me for having the audacity to insult Mr. Goldberg. How dare I! 🙂

  9. haha “your books sucks, you write like shit and I don’t care about what your work at all, but let’s become friend!”
    that was funny, does she really know what she was doing?

  10. SHE SPELLED SHARONA’S NAME WRONG. I don’t know why, but that drives me more nuts than anything else about this email. I guess it’s something along the lines of — okay, if you’re such the expert fan about what would or would not constitute a good “Monk” book — why can’t you even spell all the characters’ names correctly??
    I love thinking about Randy and Sharona and wouldn’t mind reading about them at some point, but — for heaven’s sake, don’t quit writing those Monk books! They’re the only reason I’ve gotten over the show daring to _end_. 😉


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