The Mail I Get

This is my favorite fan letter of the week:

I read a book of Criminal Minds by another author and really enjoyed it. The story was true to the characters and I learned even more about them. Everything was written very true to the TV series. Mr. Monk is Miserable, however, is way off base from the TV series. One, pill or not, Monk hates to fly and I don’t believe he would agree to fly so often because of a little pill. Is it too hard to come up with stories in the country of America that can be driven to? […] couldn’t even finish the book because it was so devastatingly off course and I would never recommend the books to anybody else. I think you need to do better research to stay true to the TV series. Read Criminal Minds and you’ll get an idea of what YOU SHOULD BE DOING!

9 thoughts on “The Mail I Get”

  1. Lee,
    you are a lucky man. The way people seek you out to share their opinions and tell you exactly how to do things.
    You must be living right.
    By the way, I love the Monk books just fine and think you should continue to do things just the way you want.

  2. The writer is merely saying “write what you know” by writing what he/she doesn’t know. (Somewhere, in the distance, do I hear Collins chuckling?)

  3. Um.
    “Mr. Monk is Miserable” is my favorite in the series, apart from, well … well, actually, apart from “Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii.” So I really do not know what to say to this person.
    Did they miss the Mexico episode of the show? And the New York City episode? And the Takes His Medicine episode? And the Airplane episode?! You know, the ones where all these “out of character” things actually happen on the show?
    Although I do like “Criminal Minds” myself. 😀

  4. I thought that you were right on in Mr. Monk is Miserable. Maybe they don’t watch the show enough to know you WERE following it.


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