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I got this question today…

I found you on the net searching for publishing companies , checking out tate etc.. and your name came up on a Review kinda about them.. I was wondering in the blog you mentioned the Lulu and something else.. question I had was… I am looking for a better way to do the same work as this company , it seems my Book is only main stream online not really in alot of book stores at this time.. thus I could do the same myself? you had mentioned Amazon as well..I write about the conflict of life in question , anything from religious and questionable I love to question thinking and one self in question… life whatever can help anyone.. well I can imagine you get alot of mail.. any advice?

Yes. This is going to sound very cruel, but my advice is to go back and take a basic English course. Once you've learned how to construct coherent sentences, and then how to shape them into paragraphs that convey a story, then you can worry about how to publish a book. Judging by your email to me, the biggest problem you have now isn't finding an honest self-publishing company, it's mastering the craft of writing itself. 


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  1. It really is sad that there are people who have no idea how horrible they are at certain crafts. You do indeed have to be cruel to be kind, Mr. Simon Cowell.

  2. Agreed, but I know where they’re coming from and memorizing Elements of Style doesn’t always fix the problem. The wording makes perfect sense in one’s head, but that never makes it to the screen.
    It usually happens to me when I try to tell a joke while operating on too little sleep.


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