The Mail I Get

I got an inept request today to read a script that sounded more like one of those Nigerian email scams.

Hi Mr Goldberg i glad and very happy to write to you because for so long i have been looking forward to communicate to you sir. SIR i have a film script for about 112pages its a thriller, i want to sell to you with the believe that you are the wright and perfect producer for it. SIR i trust your great ability in the film industry and I myself i m very pleased to say that you have greatly inspired a lot. you can contact me on my mobile phone[XYZ] or in my email address i m available at any time sir.

5 thoughts on “The Mail I Get”

  1. But Lee, if it took 12 edits for Janet and the editors to get your writing into acceptable shape, then
    you can’t poke fun at others!! :-)))

    • We didn’t do 12 edits of the full manuscript. I sent her the book in chunks… several chapters at a time…and she’d send back her notes or her polish of what I’d written. The actual full manuscript only went through one revision.

  2. Yes, that sounds more like it. But here again, with this email you received, there’s a guy out
    there who feels so much towards you that he wants to bring you in on his project. Which is
    a good thing. It’s a pity there isn’t a reader of screenplays that could read his work and give
    him some notes for, say, $50 bucks, just to give him a boost to keep him going.


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