The Mail I Get – Free Book Edition

File0917Apparently, I am in the business of writing books and TV shows and giving them away, at least judging by the mail I’ve received this week. Here’s one about my book Unsold Television Pilots 1955-1989.

Hi Mr. Goldberg,

Thanks for producing an excellent book on a subject that is ignored. Question: Is there another book that adds to this edition? If so could you send me a complimentary copy? Thanks for your time.

I haven’t written a sequel. But even if I had, what makes him think I’d send him a free copy? I guess the same thing that makes this Monk fan think I’d answer his request:

I love your Monk books but my library doesn’t have them all. They are missing Mr. Monk is Miserable, Mr. Monk on the Road, Mr. Monk on Patrol and Mr. Monk Gets Even. Please send them to me at XYZ so I can read them.

Clearly, I’ve been working under the mistaken impression that the way this writing business works is that I write books and that people buy them. Maybe it’s all those free ebooks on Amazon that makes readers think that authors are just in this for fun and make money some other way.

4 thoughts on “The Mail I Get – Free Book Edition”

  1. So, what would you be doing for a living if you did give away all your books? An Apple Store genius, manager at Best Buy? Or maybe an environmental documentary film maker currently missing in the wilds of Alaska?

  2. Maybe you should answer: “What do YOU do for a living? Send me that in the mail first, so I can determine whether it’s valuable enough to trade one of my books for it.”

    If it turns out some of these would-be freeloaders make quilts or furniture, maybe you can get something nice out of it.

  3. You mean you’re not providing the books as requested? You are just as bad as Porsche. I wrote to them and explained how I’ve always enjoyed their cars, but that my garage lacks the new Panamera, and could they please send me one (in red, please). Not even so much as a reply.


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