The Mail I Get

Here are some genuine emails that I have received over the last few weeks regarding my MONK books. I've removed the names of the authors to save them embarrassment. 

Email #1.

Can I write books for "Monk", too? I think a second perspective would be appreciated by the fans. Please let me know who to contact at your publishing company.

Email #2.

Would it be okay with you if I write MONK books if I go to a different publisher in a diferent country? Please email me ASAP at your convenience.

Email #3.

 what happened to Mr. Monk's wedding ring in the photo on the cover of  the new novel, Mr Monk and the Couch? This needs to be corrected right away.

Email #4.

You need to write some Monk books from Sharona's perspective set before Natalie showed up because she's a bitch. If you won't do it soon, I will have to stop buying your books..


8 thoughts on “The Mail I Get”

  1. Wait. Is Sharona the bitch? Or Natalie?
    Oh, and by the way, I’m working on a Monk novel of my own where Mr. Monk is revealed to be a serial killer. I’ll call it Mr. Monk Collects Trophies. I should be done by the end of the week. Would you blurb it so I can have an easier time selling it to your publisher?

  2. I am also doing the initial outline for the FINAL Monk book!. It will be the darkest of all the Monk books. In it, Monk will be the narrator and it will reveal that it was he who murdered Trudy! Yes, all the quirkiness and OCD
    are just a mask to hide the real murderer.
    I will email you the outline and the 1st few chapters once I have completed them for your approval and submission to your publisher.
    I will accept that the book will be published under both our names – something similat to Tom Clancy’s books.

  3. Hey Lee
    I never received any replies from you over the past few days regarding our arrangement. I can lower my share of the royalties to 70-30. I take the 70 since it was my idea in the first place. You know a darker version will always make money. Look at Batman, Superman, Sandman stories.
    We have a hit here Lee take my word for it. This may even land a movie deal with Bruckheimer. I know someone who knows someone that someone that knows the niece of the chauffer of Bruckheimer.


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