The Mail I Get – WTF Edition

I got this strange email recently and, apparently, no response is necessary or even expected:

I’m writing this email because I just wrote a pilot and I think it might be good. I’m XYZ, I’m Italian and I’m almost 21. Direct-Mail1I would like to send it all to a network but basically it’s impossible, because writing to a network is extremely difficult plus they have to read emails like this one probably everyday,  so I found your profile online and now I’m following you on twitter so I decided to write to you. You know, writing a pilot and not having any contacts is horrible . I’m not even hoping that something could happen but it’s just a file and it’s just an email so why not??  I’m studying linguistic mediation so this is definitely not my field but I write stuff since I was a kid and here in Italy there’s no possibility for people like me who love American TV shows. I love sitcoms like Friends or Big Bang theory and even if I love shows like charmed or grey’s anatomy or lost. I think that sitcoms are my thing. I’m sorry if you had to read all this. I don’t want to bother you. I would like to send to you the pilot but here apparently it’s impossible, so thank you anyway got your attention.

6 thoughts on “The Mail I Get – WTF Edition”

  1. There’s a certain level of innocent charm in that one, sort of like a happy, bright-eyed puppy stepping in his own food dish.

    I’ll go look at puppy pics on Google now. 😀

  2. That’s not a WTF edition, too tame, they even seem to be stroking your ego. It’s more like you pissed someone off and now they are F”inWY .

  3. I’m writing this comment because I read this blog once, and thought it might be yours…

    He is Italian, and 20, maybe emailing MTV might be more in line with his five-year plan.


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