The Man From Atlantis Returns

3028684 No, it's not another rebooting of an old TV franchise by a desperate network… it's the release of the original series on DVD.  Television Obscurities reports that Warner Brothers is releasing the four Man From Atlantis TV movie/pilots as well as the TV series. The movies and the series have not aged well…and are unbelievably awful. The only thing of redeeming value about The Man From Atlantis is Fred Karlin's fantastic score…which I wish an enterprising company like Screen Archives would release on CD. 

3 thoughts on “The Man From Atlantis Returns”

  1. Correct that it doesn’t age well. I didn’t much care for it when it was new. There were some novelizations that I liked better. But I’m prose oriented anyway. I almost always like novels better than their source material.

  2. I liked it at the time, when my age was in single figures. I hesitate to watch it again and ruined my no doubt uncritical memories.


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