The Medium is the Message

Here’s my friend writer Diane Ademu-John (back row, second from the left) and the cast of her show MEDIUM on the picket line. She has already logged an astonishing 40 hours of picketing (compared to my meager twelve). That’s why she’s in such great shape and I’m, um, not.

I’ll be out at CBS in Studio City or NBC in Burbank tomorrow.

1 thought on “The Medium is the Message”

  1. how come you guys don’t just pool all of your resources and make the shows/films that you always wanted to make? With all this free publicity, the writers guild could have their own website that streams original content, like stuff that has been rejected by big agencies. By doing this, you would
    1. cut out the middleman, still having access to the same quality of equipment, actors, etc…(everybody knows a guy)
    2. get paid for what you really want to write about/create
    3. be your own bosses
    4. show that you don’t need conglomerates, thereby making your skills more valuable
    any takers?


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