The Pursuit & Cosmic Coincidences

Yesterday several dreams came true all at once.

Pursuit is number oneFirst off, you can now call me a #1 New York Times bestselling author. THE PURSUITmy fifth Fox & O’Hare book co-authored with Janet Evanovich, debuted at #1 on the ebook bestseller list (and #8 on hardcover, and #3 on print & ebook combined). Hitting #1 is a dream come true… but it got even better thanks to some cosmic coincidences.

As some of you may know, my brother Tod is also an author. His latest book is THE HOUSE OF SECRETS , co-authored with my friend Brad Meltzer, came out in early June …the same day as the paperback edition of THE SCAM, my fourth Fox & O’Hare book with Janet Evanovich, was released. It’s a total coincidence, since we have different publishers. HOUSE OF SECRETS debuted at #6 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list and last week THE SCAM was #5 on the New York Times mass market paperback list.

Screenshot 2016-06-29 14.43.50But this week we are on the same bestseller list together — THE PURSUIT is #8 and THE HOUSE OF SECRETS is #16 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list.


We’ve both fantasized about this happening and now it actually has. We both have a hard time believing it. We owe a big thank you to Janet Evanovich and Brad Meltzer for their big roles in making this dream come true…and especially to all of YOU for buying our books.

PS – The great coincidences don’t end there.  Audiobooks superstar Scott Brick reads the audio version of THE PURSUIT and he also reads the audio version of THE HOUSE OF SECRETS. How cool is that?

2 thoughts on “The Pursuit & Cosmic Coincidences”

  1. Holy Cosmic Bat Ears! That dynamic duo of coincidences is insane.

    Congratulations to you and Janet!!! I’m finishing “THE HEIST” and will be on the hunt for more Fox and O’Hare within hours.

    Congratulations to your brother Tod, as well! My writing teacher Peter Telep, who co-wrote with Tom Clancy and has one of his own thriller novels coming out momentarily, mentioned one of Tod’s novels in class with high praise. So I just wanted to pass that along.

  2. I love the Fox-O’Hare books! Fast moving, funny as heck with witty dialog and quirky characters. Jake and Boyd are especially funny. I’ve listened to all of these books narrated by Scott Brick and he’s the right guy to read these books.

    I have my fingers crossed that you and Janet will continue with this series.


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