The Triumphant Return Of The Goldberg Brothers Band…Plus A Rabkin

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Yes, the rumors you've heard are true: My brother Lee and I are putting the Goldberg Brothers Band back together for a limited engagement summer tour. We'll be playing all of our hits, a bunch of the B-sides you used to love, the songs with the backward masking and, of course, we intend to do our patented Hot August Night show where we cover, in full, Neil Diamond's original live album of the same name. And despite Lee's late career marriage to Cher, his weight gain and the time he spent in prison for cutting a fan with his glass-beaded shirt, folks I swear he still rocks. It all starts this coming weekend and then all of August will be spent hitting some pretty major county fairs, parks with well-lit gazebos (Pioneer Park in Walla Walla, I'm talking to you!) and then one final night at the Cow Palace. Scorsese is filming that one for a concert film.

We'll be joined by William "Billy The Axe Man" Rabkin for a few dates, too, so keep your radio tuned to your favorite AM rock station for the details. 

Here's where we'll be this coming weekend:

Saturday, Aug. 7th, 1pm

Mysteries to Die For

2940 Thousand Oaks Blvd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Lee will be signing his new Monk book (his 109th, I believe), Bill will be signing his new Pysch book, and I'll be signing my new Burn Notice book.

 Saturday, Aug. 7th, 4pm

The Mystery Bookstore

1306 Broxton Avenue

LA, CA 90024 (that's Westwood Village)

Same as above, but we'll have perfected our jokes and witty banter from the previous event. 

 Sunday, Aug. 8th, 1pm

Mystery Ink

7176 Edinger Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA 

Just me and Lee this time. Bill has a parole hearing that day. This is a new store, so there's a good chance it will just be me and Lee and no one else, really. So if you've ever wanted to have a private conversation with us about, you know, whatever weird shit happens to be on your mind, this is your chance.


6 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return Of The Goldberg Brothers Band…Plus A Rabkin”

  1. If you guys ever come out to the Eastern Coast — or if I’m ever in California — I’d definitely be going to a signing! 🙂

  2. WHat Greg said! You two have to come to Houston.
    The image of TGBB Band belting “Crunchy Granola Suite” surrounded by Monk and Michael is guaranteed to boost sales. If Fiona would play the tambourine, well, heaven. Actually, Fiona can just stand there, and it would be heaven. Really, if Fiona could…. well, never mind….

  3. Hi Lee,
    I haven’t been a steady viewer of the show, Monk, but have seen it a handful of times and always enjoyed it.
    I just finished reading, “Mr. Monk And The Dirty Cop” and loved it!! Thought it was great, comedy-wise and mystery-wise. Two difficult things to pull off together. I say this as someone who has written a book on comedy and some mystery short stories. You’re a very talented man. I look forward to reading lots of your other novels hoping some of your talent will rub off on me.

  4. Since the Goldberg Brothers Band has written and produced so many iconic songs and albums over the years, I phoned Elton and Clapton and Mick and the rest of my four hundred person entourage and we’re flying down to L.A. on my fleet of custom-designed WestJets, and we’re taking over the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Wilshere Hotel and the Roosevelt Hotel so we can attend the concert and jam on-stage, to create another iconic rock-n-roll moment in history.
    But I told Elton and Mick, “Look,” I said, “you gotta shell out for the latest Goldberg, Goldbeg and Rabkin novels–it’s only fair.”
    So you can blame me for a spike in sales. The “Live” album sales goes to the EJ Aids Foundation.


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