6 thoughts on “THE WALK is Outselling Stephen King!”

  1. Wow, that’s great! Also, your book, “Watch Me Die,” is number 17!
    These numbers seem to support my idea that irony, satire and farce are tough sells, while stories that are real to the author, information intensive and provide a cartharsis do sell. You lived through the big earthquake in L.A. and that experience, and the sense of place, and the hero working in TV, and living in a gated community, make the story deeply felt for the reader. And with “Watch Me Die,” there is snappy dialogue, but at it’s core is as dark, as noir, an experience as it gets. Even with the Monk books, the more they pertain to real and ordinary life, the more real they come across like in “Mr. Monk on the Road,” which was full of good feeling when they take a drive in an RV.
    Anyway, no book rises to the top of the bestseller list unless it deserves to. It’s just a really good book!


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