17 thoughts on “The Worst Thing I Have Ever Written”

  1. It made it here to Australia – possibly because it had local figure Jacko in it.
    Wasn’t Steven L. Sears (who later was involved with Sheena) a writer on that series too? How was he to work with ?
    For what it’s worth, Jacko did a run of live shows with a well known local underworld figure who had murdered a few people and cut his own ears off in jail.
    As you can imagine (with Jacko and an earless multiple murderer) … it was a comedy show.
    I’m not making this up.

  2. A credit, a paycheck, and (hopefully) you got to at least meet Jane Badler.
    Always a bright side, Lee. Sometimes, one has to DIG for the little beast, but there’s always a Bright Side somewhere…:)

  3. So checking it out on iMDB, under the “series writing credit,” Bill gets blame but you managed to slide by without mention … now being an honest man, Lee, I’m SURE you’ll wanna fix that …
    I was about 15 when this came on, probably the perfect age for the audience, and I watched one episode and didn’t understand a damn thing that was going on (and I actually understood “Max Headroom”).

  4. I remember watching this when I was in the 7th or 8th grade.
    I was sad when it went away. 🙁 How could they cancel a show that had FLASH GORDON as the star?????
    I’ll never understand TV. But thanks for posting, Lee, I missed this episode! But now that I’m 34, I wonder what I was so excited about…

  5. I recall watching the first couple of episodes simply because I was a fan of Glen Larson. But I believe I only sampled a couple of episodes before tuning out. btw, Glen Larson still owned the truck from this series as of a couple of years ago, and was looking for a buyer.

  6. I remember reading in a news blurb at the time how that Jacko guy and Flash Gordon did not get along and were in fisticuffs at one point. Just a few days ago I was trying to remember Jacko’s name the name of this show.
    At least this episode had Twin Peaks’s Michael Horse in it.

  7. Hey, hey…I loved that show and remember it witj fondness.
    My brother and I enjoyed it as it was meant to be…pure Knight rider-type entertainment.
    I liked it more than KR.
    Thanks for the good times, Lee. 🙂

  8. Oh, man, I love the opening credits. Why have each individual letter flash past then end with ‘AY’ and ‘MAN’? Did they run out of money?
    Here is what interests me, like your story about FLIPPER. Did the people involved genuinely think they were making a good show, or was it acknowledged that it was awful?

  9. If memory serves me correctly, the pilot was part of Larson’s deal with Fox but the studio refused to finance the show once NBC placed the order to go to series. Fox thought the show was too expensive to produce and would never make its money back. That’s when Larson found some outside financing (was it NewStar from Australia?) to shoot the episodes. Once I saw the first installment, it was abundantly clear they didn’t have enough money to produce a quality show. Everything about it looked cheap and it died a quick death on NBC’s Friday night schedule.
    If anyone remembers the pilot, Jones was partnered with Jimmy Smits but Smits got the gig on L.A. Law (another Fox production) before the show got its series order.


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